How To Get More For Your Condo

You can significantly increase your Condo’s market value by following a few simple steps to uncover your condo’s full potential. In the end, you will attract more potential homebuyers and ultimately increase the listing price of your home.

Tip # 1. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
As this is true, make sure you home’s front entrance is immaculate. Repaint or replace the front door if necessary, polish the door’s hardware and make glass shine (if any), De-clutter the entryway.

Tip #2. Consider renovations
Though not a necessity, certain renovations in a condo, such as new/upgraded kitchen doors and hardware, counter tops, adding a back splash, changing bathroom vanities, removing carpet and installing laminate may reap a financial benefit that far outweighs their cost. Consult with your real estate agent before beginning any work to ensure it will be a profitable decision.

Tip #3.  Freshen up.
A fresh coat of paint is often enough to update the rooms in your home. Remember to choose natural tones, as these are the most complimentary and  flattering for all furniture and styles. Say good-bye to your outdated pink, lime green or tacky faux finish walls!

Tip #4 Keep the décor simple.
Think of your home as a hotel or model home. Keep the basic furniture, and add a few matching accents. Remove your individual personal style. Make your home feel clean, fresh and contemporary with a style that’s appealing to anyone.

Tip #5 Clean neglected areas.
Buyers are very keen to notice the smallest detail the minute the walk into a house.  Clean kitchen cupboards, Dust windowsills, organize the shelvess, scrub windows inside and out,  remove lint from traps, remove scuff marks from walls…make your house immaculate inside and out.

Tip #6 Ensure all appliances are in working order.
Especially if you are selling them with the condo. No one wants to pay for a dishwasher repair as soon as they move in. It’s worth it in the end to ensure a smooth transition to close the sale.

Tip  #7. Sweat the small stuff.
Dripping faucets, loose cupboard handles, sticking windows and other flaws are often more visible than you think. Take the time to make these small repairs.




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